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Galvanized Steel Floor Deck Forming Machine Plc Controlled 18-20 Roller Stations

Galvanized Steel Floor Deck Forming Machine Plc Controlled 18-20 Roller Stations

Galvanized Steel Floor Deck Forming Machine Plc Controlled 18-20 Roller Stations

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Model Number: ZH75
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Detailed Product Description
Cutting Tolerance: ±2mm Roller Stations: 18-20 Stations
Material: Galvanized Steel Size: 7000mm*1500mm*1500mm
Color: Blue Thickness: 0.3-0.8mm
Control System: PLC Weight: About 4.5T

Product Description:

The Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment designed to revolutionize the manufacturing of floor decking systems. With its robust construction and advanced technological features, it is an indispensable tool for businesses looking to enhance their production capabilities and efficiency. The machine is meticulously engineered to transform galvanized steel into high-quality floor decks used in a variety of construction applications, ranging from residential to commercial and industrial structures.

One of the critical attributes of the Floor Deck Forming Machine is its power supply specifications. The machine operates on a 380V/50Hz/3Phase power supply, ensuring that it aligns with industrial standards and is capable of sustaining long hours of operation without compromising on performance. Such a power configuration is typical in industrial settings, providing the necessary power output to handle the heavy-duty forming process of floor decking materials.

Total power consumption is an important consideration for any equipment, and the Floor Deck Forming Machine does not disappoint. With a total power of about 11KW, it balances energy efficiency with formidable operational capabilities. This power rating ensures that the machine can deliver consistent performance while keeping energy costs in check, which is critical for maintaining low production costs and achieving a sustainable manufacturing process.

The Floor Deck Forming Machine boasts a chain drive mode, which is renowned for its reliability and ease of maintenance. Chain drives are known for their durability and ability to transmit high torque loads, making them an ideal choice for the heavy-duty forming operations of floor decks. This drive mode also contributes to the machine's longevity and ensures smooth and uninterrupted operation, which is vital for meeting production deadlines and maintaining high-quality outputs.

Precision is paramount in roll forming processes, and the cutting tolerance of the Floor Deck Forming Machine is designed to meet the most stringent industry requirements. With a cutting tolerance of ±2mm, the machine ensures that each floor deck panel is crafted with exact dimensions, leading to a seamless installation process and a flawless finish in the final construction. This level of precision minimizes material waste and contributes to the overall cost-effectiveness of the production cycle.

The material used in the Floor Deck Forming Machine is galvanized steel, chosen for its excellent durability, corrosion resistance, and strength-to-weight ratio. Galvanized steel is a preferred material for floor decking applications due to its ability to withstand the rigors of construction environments while providing a stable and secure platform. The Floor Deck Forming Machine is specifically designed to handle this type of material, ensuring that each product is manufactured to the highest quality standards.

The Floor Deck Forming Machine is not only a piece of equipment but a complete solution for businesses aiming to produce superior floor decking systems. It embodies efficiency, precision, and durability, which are the hallmarks of a top-tier floor deck forming machine. By integrating this machine into their production line, manufacturers can expect a significant boost in productivity, a consistent output of quality products, and a reduction in operational costs.

In summary, the Floor Deck Forming Machine is an investment that promises a high return for manufacturers in the construction industry. Its impressive specifications, including a 380V/50Hz/3Phase power supply, total power of about 11KW, chain drive mode, cutting tolerance of ±2mm, and compatibility with galvanized steel, make it a standout performer in floor decking production. Businesses looking to stay ahead in the competitive market of construction materials would do well to consider the Floor Deck Forming Machine as a key addition to their manufacturing arsenal.


  • Product Name: Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine
  • Total Power: About 11KW
  • Cutting Mode: Hydraulic Cutting
  • Weight: About 4.5T
  • Color: Blue
  • Cutting Tolerance: ±2mm

Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter Description
Total Power About 11KW
Drive Mode Chain Drive
Control System PLC
Size 7000mm*1500mm*1500mm
Roller Stations 18-20 Stations
Roller Material 45# Steel
Shaft Diameter 70
Cutting Tolerance ±2mm
Forming Speed 15-20m/min
Cutting Mode Hydraulic Cutting


The ZHONGHENG Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine, model number ZH75, is an exceptional piece of industrial equipment that has been crafted with precision and care in CHINA. This machine is specifically designed to address the needs of modern construction by providing a reliable and efficient method for producing high-quality floor decking. As an essential component in the construction industry, the ZH75 model stands out with its robust design, painted in an industrial blue, reflecting both its strength and reliability.

One of the primary application occasions for the ZH75 Floor Deck Forming Machine is in the construction of multi-story buildings where steel floor decks are required. The decks produced by this machine provide a stable and secure platform for the construction of concrete floors. The machine's ability to produce decks with a cutting tolerance of ±2mm ensures that each piece is manufactured with precision, leading to a seamless installation process on the construction site.

The ZH75 model is also ideal for scenarios that require rapid construction without compromising on quality. Due to its total power of about 11KW and a power supply requirement of 380V/50Hz/3Phase, it can produce floor decks at a remarkable speed, thus meeting the tight deadlines that are often a critical part of commercial and residential construction projects. The machine's shaft diameter of 70 further guarantees the durability of the roll forming process, ensuring that the machine can withstand the rigors of heavy-duty operation.

Furthermore, the Floor Deck Forming Machine is perfect for use in the manufacturing of floor decks for industrial buildings, warehouses, and retail spaces. These environments demand not only structural integrity but also the ability to support heavy loads. The decks formed by the ZH75 model facilitate the even distribution of weight and contribute to the overall strength of the building structure, making it an indispensable tool for developers and contractors in these sectors.

In conclusion, the ZHONGHENG Floor Deck Forming Machine, model ZH75, is versatile enough to be applied in various scenarios, ranging from commercial to industrial construction. Its place of origin, CHINA, assures users of its adherence to stringent manufacturing standards. Whether it is used for creating the backbone of new edifices or for the renovation and retrofitting of existing structures, this Floor Deck Forming Machine stands as a testament to ZHONGHENG's commitment to excellence in facilitating modern construction methodologies.



Model Number: ZH75

Place of Origin: CHINA

Total Power: About 11KW

Material: Galvanized Steel

Shaft Diameter: 70

Drive Mode: Chain Drive

Forming Speed: 15-20m/min

Our ZHONGHENG Floor Deck Forming Machine model ZH75 is meticulously crafted with high-quality Galvanized Steel and engineered to enhance efficiency and durability. Originating from CHINA, this robust machine operates with a total power of about 11KW, ensuring rapid production with a forming speed of 15-20m/min. The 70mm shaft diameter and reliable Chain Drive mechanism guarantee precision in forming robust floor decks. Experience the pinnacle of floor deck production with our Floor Deck Forming Machine, where performance meets excellence.

Support and Services:

Our Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine comes with comprehensive technical support and services to ensure your equipment runs smoothly and efficiently. Our support includes the following services:

Installation Assistance: We provide guidance on the installation process, ensuring that your machine is set up correctly and ready for operation. Our team can assist remotely with step-by-step instructions.

Training: To help you get the most out of your Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine, we offer training sessions for your operators. The training covers machine operation, maintenance procedures, and safety protocols to ensure your team is fully equipped to handle the machine.

Maintenance and Repairs: Regular maintenance is vital for the longevity and performance of your machine. We provide maintenance guidelines and troubleshooting support. In the event of a malfunction, we can assist with repairs. We recommend keeping a stock of essential spare parts for quick replacements when necessary.

Technical Consultations: Our team is available to answer any technical queries you may have about the machine. Whether it's about customization, capacity adjustments, or technical specifications, we're here to provide the information you need.

Upgrades: Technology is always advancing, and so are our machines. We offer information and services for upgrading your machine to ensure it remains up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.

Warranty Service: Our Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine comes with a manufacturer's warranty. Should you encounter any issues during the warranty period, we will provide the necessary service and parts as per the warranty terms and conditions.

Please note that certain services may require additional fees and are subject to terms and conditions. We strive to provide swift and effective support to minimize any downtime and ensure your production line remains productive.

Packing and Shipping:

The Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine is securely packaged in a heavy-duty wooden case designed to protect the machinery during transit. The case is constructed to withstand the rigors of international shipping and is fully compliant with export standards. All sensitive components of the machine are carefully wrapped and padded to ensure they remain intact and free from damage.

Before shipping, the wooden case is thoroughly inspected to guarantee that the machine is securely fastened within, preventing any movement that could lead to damage. The package is then sealed and labeled with the necessary shipping marks, handling instructions, and product information to facilitate safe transportation and easy identification upon arrival.

Upon dispatch, the Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine is loaded with precision onto the delivery vehicle, ensuring that the weight is evenly distributed to avoid any tilting or shifting during movement. The machine is shipped via a reputable freight forwarder with experience in handling heavy industrial equipment to ensure timely and safe delivery to the final destination.

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