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Efficiency Roll Forming Machine For Roofing Sheets 18-20 Stations Custom Length 70Mm Rollers 1000Mm

Efficiency Roll Forming Machine For Roofing Sheets 18-20 Stations Custom Length 70Mm Rollers 1000Mm

Efficiency Roll Forming Machine For Roofing Sheets 18-20 Stations Custom Length 70Mm Rollers 1000Mm

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Certification: CE ISO9001
Model Number: ZH330

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: 13000
Packaging Details: NAKED WITH FILM COVER
Delivery Time: 50 DAYS
Supply Ability: 20SETS PER MONTHS
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Detailed Product Description
Forming Stations: 18-20 Length: Customized
Roller Diameter: 70mm Power: 7.5kw
Width: 1000mm Voltage: 380V/50Hz/3Phase
Type: Roll Forming Machine Control System: PLC

Product Description:

The Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine is a highly efficient and robust solution for producing various types of metal roofing sheets. This machine is designed to cater to the needs of the construction industry, where quality and precision are of paramount importance. With a powerful 7.5kw motor, this machine is capable of handling heavy-duty forming operations with ease, making it an ideal choice for professional-grade manufacturing.

This state-of-the-art machine comprises 18-20 forming stations, each precision-engineered to ensure consistent and accurate shaping of roofing sheets. The high number of stations allows for gradual and meticulous deformation of the metal, which results in a finished product that boasts superior structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Whether you're producing corrugated roofing sheets, trapezoidal profiles, or any other design, this machine delivers exceptional performance.

One of the standout features of the Roofing Sheet Forming Machine is its ability to produce sheets of customized length. This flexibility ensures that clients can obtain roofing sheets that are tailored to their specific project requirements, eliminating the need for additional cutting or modification. The machine's advanced cutting system allows for precise length measurements, resulting in minimal material waste and enhanced efficiency.

At the heart of the Roofing Sheet Forming Machine's operation is a sophisticated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) control system. This intelligent control system provides precise management of the forming process, ensuring high-quality output and repeatability. Operators can easily program the machine for different profiles and dimensions, and the PLC system will ensure that each roofing sheet is formed to exact specifications.

The machine operates at a voltage of 380V with a 50Hz frequency and a 3Phase electrical supply, which is standard for industrial equipment, offering compatibility with most industrial electrical infrastructures. This voltage level ensures that the machine has sufficient power to perform consistently, even under the most demanding production schedules.

The robust construction of the Roofing Sheet Forming Machine guarantees a long service life and minimal maintenance requirements. Each component is crafted from high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that the machine can withstand the rigors of an industrial environment. The machine's design also prioritizes operator safety, with numerous safety features integrated to minimize the risk of accidents during operation.

For businesses looking to scale up their production capabilities, the Roofing Sheet Forming Machine is an invaluable asset. Its rapid processing speed allows for the swift production of large quantities of roofing sheets, which is essential for meeting tight deadlines and satisfying customer demands. Furthermore, the machine's reliability and consistency mean that businesses can count on it to deliver top-quality products time and time again.

The Roofing Sheet Forming Machine is not just a piece of machinery; it's a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the production of metal roofing sheets. By incorporating this machine into their workflow, manufacturers can achieve a significant competitive advantage, producing high-quality roofing materials that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing. With its combination of power, precision, and flexibility, the Roofing Sheet Forming Machine is truly an indispensable tool for any roofing sheet manufacturer.

In summary, the Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine is a highly advanced, customizable, and efficient piece of equipment tailored for the production of superior quality roofing sheets. Its 7.5kw motor, multiple forming stations, customizable length output, sophisticated PLC control system, and standard 380V/50Hz/3Phase voltage requirement make it the perfect investment for businesses aiming to excel in the roofing industry. It stands as a testament to engineering excellence, providing an unmatched level of performance, reliability, and safety.


  • Product Name: Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine
  • Width: 1000mm
  • Voltage: 380V/50Hz/3Phase
  • Forming Stations: 18-20
  • Drive Type: Chain

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Name Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine
Speed 8-12m/min
Width 1000mm
Drive Type Chain
Weight 2.5T
Voltage 380V/50Hz/3Phase
Control System PLC
Roller Material 45# Steel
Power 7.5kw
Roller Diameter 70mm


The ZHONGHENG brand Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine, particularly the Model Number ZH330, is a state-of-the-art production tool that has been meticulously designed and manufactured in CHINA. With an illustrious certification of CE ISO9001, this machine stands as a testament to quality and reliability in the roofing industry. The roofing sheet forming machine is available for purchase with a minimum order quantity of just one unit, priced at an affordable $13000. This ensures that even small-scale operations can benefit from the precision and efficiency that ZHONGHENG machinery provides.

Packaging of the ZH330 Roofing Sheet Forming Machine is handled with utmost care, delivered NAKED WITH FILM COVER to protect the machine during transit. Once an order is placed, customers can expect a delivery time of 50 DAYS, a testament to ZHONGHENG's commitment to prompt service. Moreover, the company offers convenient payment terms that require a 40% DEPOSIT BALANCE BEFORE DELIVERY, allowing for financial flexibility. With a robust supply ability of 20 SETS PER MONTHS, ZHONGHENG ensures that customer demand is met consistently and effectively.

The ZH330 model boasts an impressive speed of 8-12m/min, making it an efficient choice for businesses looking to ramp up their production capabilities. The machine's roller diameter is a hefty 70mm, ensuring durability and the ability to handle various thicknesses of material. Clients have the option to request a customized length for the roofing sheets, ensuring that the machine meets their specific production needs. Furthermore, the machine's power of 7.5kw indicates that it’s built to perform reliably for extended periods, suitable for heavy-duty usage in the most demanding environments.

This Roofing Sheet Forming Machine is perfect for various application occasions and scenarios, including the construction of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. It is designed to produce high-quality roofing sheets that provide durability and aesthetic appeal for different architectural styles. The ZH330 Roll Forming Machine is an invaluable asset for manufacturers looking for a reliable and efficient solution to roofing sheet production, making it an ideal investment for businesses aiming to enhance their market presence with top-notch building materials. The adaptability of the ZH330 to different production environments, coupled with its top-tier specifications, makes it a cornerstone for any roofing sheet manufacturing operation.



Model Number: ZH330

Place of Origin: CHINA

Certification: CE ISO9001

Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Price: $13000

Packaging Details: NAKED WITH FILM COVER

Delivery Time: 50 DAYS


Supply Ability: 20SETS PER MONTHS

Forming Stations: 18-20

Thickness: 0.3-0.8mm

Power: 7.5kw

Weight: 2.5T

Material: Steel

Enhance your production capabilities with the ZHONGHENG Roofing Sheet Forming Machine. Model ZH330 is designed to create high-quality roofing sheets with precision and efficiency. Whether you're handling projects that require steel roofing sheets with a thickness of 0.3-0.8mm, this machine is equipped with 18-20 forming stations to meet your needs. The robust 7.5kw power system ensures consistent performance, while the machine's 2.5T weight is a testament to its solid construction. Manufactured in CHINA and boasting CE ISO9001 certification, this Roofing Sheet Forming Machine is a reliable investment for your business. Available at a competitive price of $13000, the machine comes with NAKED WITH FILM COVER packaging and has a delivery time of 50 DAYS. Secure your Roofing Sheet Forming Machine with a 40% deposit and pay the balance before delivery. With the ability to supply 20 sets per month, ZHONGHENG ensures that your production needs are always met.

Support and Services:

Our Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine comes with comprehensive product technical support and services to ensure that you can operate your machine with confidence and efficiency. We provide a detailed user manual and troubleshooting guide with every purchase. Our team of skilled technicians is also available to offer guidance and tips for machine maintenance, operation, and to address any technical issues that may arise during the lifespan of your machine.

We provide regular software updates to keep your machine's control system operating at peak performance. To ensure that your machine maintains high-quality production standards, we also offer periodic maintenance services. These services include inspection, adjustment, and replacement of worn components as necessary. Our aim is to minimize downtime and keep your production line moving smoothly.

In the event that you encounter any technical difficulties, our support team is dedicated to providing prompt assistance. We offer remote diagnostic support to quickly identify and resolve issues, minimizing any interruption to your operations. For more complex challenges, on-site support services can be arranged to ensure that your machine is back in action as swiftly as possible.

Training services are also available to equip your staff with the necessary skills to operate the Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine effectively. Our training modules cover everything from basic operation to advanced troubleshooting techniques. This ensures that your team is well-prepared to handle the machine's operation and any potential issues they may face.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to providing the support and services you need to achieve the best possible results from your Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine.

Packing and Shipping:

The Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine is meticulously packaged to ensure its protection during transit. The machine is securely fastened within a robust wooden case, designed to prevent any movement that could result in damage. The wooden case is treated for pests and complies with international shipping standards.

Before shipping, the machine undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure that all components are in perfect working condition. The protective packaging is then sealed and reinforced to safeguard against moisture, dust, and handling hazards. Fragile components are given additional padding to provide extra security against impacts.

Upon dispatch, the Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine is loaded with care onto the transport vehicle. Each shipment is accompanied by a detailed packing list, including handling instructions and an itemized list of contents, to facilitate smooth customs clearance and efficient unpacking upon arrival at the destination.


Q1: What is the brand and model number of the Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine?

A1: The brand of the machine is ZHONGHENG and the model number is ZH330.

Q2: Where is the ZHONGHENG ZH330 Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine manufactured?

A2: The ZHONGHENG ZH330 machine is manufactured in CHINA.

Q3: What certifications does the ZHONGHENG ZH330 Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine hold?

A3: The machine is certified with CE ISO9001 standards.

Q4: What is the minimum order quantity for the ZHONGHENG ZH330 machine?

A4: The minimum order quantity for the machine is 1 unit.

Q5: How long is the delivery time for the ZHONGHENG ZH330 Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine?

A5: The delivery time for the machine is 50 days.

Q6: What are the payment terms for purchasing the ZHONGHENG ZH330?

A6: The payment terms require a 40% deposit with the balance due before delivery.

Q7: How many sets of the ZHONGHENG ZH330 can be supplied per month?

A7: The supply ability is 20 sets per month.

Q8: How is the ZHONGHENG ZH330 Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine packaged for delivery?

A8: The machine is packaged naked with film cover to protect it during transportation.

Q9: What is the price for the ZHONGHENG ZH330 Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine?

A9: The price for the machine is $13,000.

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